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HCL: VMware vFabric’s role in Integration, Migration, and Clouds

vmwaretv asked: — In this video, Kiran Somalwar, VP of Enterprise Transformation Services Group at HCL, discusses VMware vFabric. HCL has 90000 employees and a large chunk of revenue comes from infrastructure management and application development and maintenance. They have chosen to partner with VMware in both the VMware vCloud and VMware vFabric spaces. Since a large focus of their work is in Java, five years ago they standardized on Spring as a development framework. Since then they have also recognized how VMware vFabric has strong capabilities in data management, integration and more. Importantly, they see how VMware vFabric’s lightweight footprints are efficient, elastic, and scalable. They have worked with customers on a wide range of VMware vFabric solutions such as a migration from heavyweight to lightweight infrastructure. As well, they have done work to integrate custom and packaged applications throughout the enterprise, migrate legacy mainframe code, and drive significant cost savings in both hardware and software categories. They are asked by customers to help them get ready for the cloud, and vFabric helps.

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