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Cloud Access Overseas (No replies)

4 years ago
4 years ago

The beauty of Cloud Computing is that the data has been removed from the shackles of on premise availability. Your data follows you whether its on a laptop, tablet, mobile phone or other sort of wearable technology. Anywhere you have an internet connection, you would be able to get your data. That is in theory. In practice however, you need to ensure that the place you go to has firstly a suitable internet connection speed and secondly if the government isn't preventing you from accessing your data. I refer specifically to the great firewall of china. I have had experiences that I couldn't get access to a US based virtual desktop vendor and the only way to do it was to proxy from an Australian customer's on premise server. If you have Google Apps, you may have issues with accessing your data when you are over there. So the solution? I believe would be VP Now I haven't personally tried it in China but in theory, it should work because each VPN provider usually has over 100 points of presence around the world and it would be difficult (but not impossible) to stop all the IPs by the government. There are heaps of VPN providers out there mainly originating from the US. If you have had experience with a VPN service provider in China do make a post here

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