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Cloud Computing

SmarterPlanetANZ asked: A lighter look at what’s possible when IT systems are dynamic and smarter. Workstations used to be connected to a mainframe. Now they’re conversing with a cloud. Information technology is changing rapidly, and now forms an invisible layer that increasingly touches every aspect of our lives. Power grids, traffic control, healthcare, water supplies, […]

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What is Cloud Computing

joyent asked: – At the Web 2.0 Expo, we asked Tim O’Reilly, Dan Farber, Matt Mullenweg, Jay Cross, Brian Solis, Kevin Marks, Steve Gillmor, Jeremy Tanner, Maggie Fox, Tom McGovern, Sam Lawrence, Stowe Boyd, David Tebbutt, Dave McClure, Chris Carfi, Vamshi Krishna and Rod Boothby the same question: “What is Cloud Computing?”. Here’s what […]

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