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Legal Storms Forecast for Cloud Computing

cloudcor asked: Cloud computing has the potential to revolutionize how we invent, develop, deploy, scale, update, maintain and pay for data, applications and the infrastructure on which they ru This emerging field is poised for significant growth in 2010 and beyond. Many enterprises are now incorporating cloud computing into their core business operations. However, a […]

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tvRUtube asked: Proudly produced for IDC Australia by Vladimir Andrianov. IDC Australia Sydney. Speakers: Gary Clarke, Country Manager, IDC Australia; Chris Morris, Director, IDC APAC Services; Anshul Sarin, Practice Head, WIPRO; Scott Stewart, Chief Information Officer, Wilson HTM; Michele Bartolini, Senior Marketing Manager, Novell. For more information go to

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What is a Virtual Machine? VMware

netstandard asked: The big question around business and servers today is going green, and how can I get more out of my investment of my equipment. VMware and NetStandard have the solution, with going virtual. Within this video Jim Yanik the Senior Partner Systems Engineer will introduce you to what a virtual servers is […]

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